Live as if…

A fellow Orthodox blogger and friend of mine recently posted an Evagrius Ponticus quote…

[One] should always act as if [they] were going to die tomorrow; yet [they] should treat [their] body as if it was going to live for many years. The first cuts off the inclination to listlessness, and makes [one] more diligent; the second keeps [one’s] body sound and [their] self-control well balanced.

Evagrios Pontikos (Philokalia, vol. 1, p. 53)

Earlier this week in my Psalter reading I came across a verse that is a perfect Pivot Prayer to print and post somewhere to remind us of just this very good advice Evagrius gives us.

In his blog post Francis said, ” With our being focused on God, we can more easily entertain the inevitability of our mortality, and by allowing this to shape our actions and our thoughts every day it can stimulate us to take our lives more seriously.” His whole post at Prayerful Life is well worth the read.

Over the last couple years I’ve become far more aware of my mortality. It has quite an impact on me and I hope for the better. It is so very important to live life as if it might be the last moment you have…because well…it just might be. But it is so very hard to keep that in mind. Francis tells us the key is to be focused on God. So true! For me that involves physical reminders in my life. I’m hoping this printed pivot prayer will help me in that area. IF you think it could help you, feel free to print it by clicking on the picture above.

Have a blessed day! Keep your eyes on Jesus!

1 thought on “Live as if…”

  1. Your printed reminders are beautifully made and very helpful. I have your prayer of the hours on my desk at work, and a card you made with a psalm printed on it over a background of sheet music, in my prayer nook at work as well, right next to one of my icons of John Cassian. I enjoy it each day.


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