Letter Writing Kindles Joy

As we begin a brand new year I want to revisit one of my resolutions from last year. Today, being Letter Writing Wednesday, is a perfect time to do just that.

Last year my resolution for letter writing was to send a letter every day of the year. I kept track. Not perfectly but I tried to write down each time I wrote a letter or sent a card.

I failed a lot on the daily endeavor.

But during holidays I would send many, many cards and in the end it would catch me up, so to speak.

During the last month I didn’t keep track well but I am pretty sure I did, in the end, send close to the daily quota.

For 2019 I will revise my goals. Sending, or rather writing, a letter or card every single day was pretty difficult. I believe VERY much in letter writing and how much it is a kindler of joy so I do not want to give it up. Quite the opposite.

I had so much great positive feedback from people after they received cards or letters. It really does kindle joy. I had proof in the feedback.

Comments like “You made my day.” And “Your letters always bring a smile to my face.” One friend told me she was envious of my efforts to promote letter writing.

All of this makes me so happy. And fulfills my goal.

It is true what St. Seraphim says, “Radiant joy streams from the face of the one who gives and kindles joy in the one who receives.” I’m not sure it streams from my face but my heart is filled. Maybe someday my heart will be filled to capacity and then my face will stream.

At any rate…letter writing and sending cards kindles joy.

One of my Christmas presents was with this in mind. James brought me a writing set from Uganda.

There is an organization in Uganda that sells all homemade paper products of various kinds to support Ugandan village. I got a stationary set with homemade paper and envelopes. It is really neat. The paper is very thick and you can see the fibers involved in making it. Look closely. I can’t wait to use it.

For 2019 my goal will be to sit down and write letters or prepare cards to send  on Wednesdays!

Letter-writing Wednesdays.

I’ll plan ahead with my perpetual calendar (free to you if you’d like to join me-click the image below) and spend some time each Wednesday to send joy across the miles. Kindle Joy Afar!

Won’t you join me? It really is quite rewarding.

Here is to our New Years endeavor to Kindle Joy Afar! Happy 2019!

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