Christmas Cards Part 3

We have just shy of a month until Christmas Day. We here at my house, celebrate 12 Days of Christmas AFTER the Feast. That gives us about 40 days.  I like to send my Christmas cards as close to the Feast as possible so they arrive in mailboxes during the 12 Days of Christmas. Over the last many, many years I have not been able to get my cards out before Christmas day at all. In fact, I often send boxes out late as well. I always figure I’m good if they arrive during those 12 Days of Christmas! If I can pull it off, this will be the first year in a very long time that my cards will get mailed before Christmas Day.

Having this blog, and promoting letter-writing, and particularly Christmas Card sending, has really kept me on my toes in regards to early prep. I’m so grateful for that!

Yesterday I pulled out my big red box of Christmas decorations and discovered that I had indeed bought my Christmas cards for this year at the “end-of-the-season” sales. I had actually forgotten whether or not I did that last year. It is by far the most economical way to buy Christmas cards.

Today I am going to sit down and write out my “Christmas Card Sending List”. I offered this as a free printable a few weeks ago! Print as many as you’d like and fill it up.

Send Joy!

Pdf is in color.

As the Christmas cards start pouring in you need a place to display them!  They are so beautiful to use to decorate and make your home festive. I remember growing up we’d hang them on the back of the front door or on the curtains. I’ve done many creative things over the years. I’ve strung ribbon to hang them on and my most recent display was made by my mom. It is made out of insulation board. It doesn’t have anything on it yet, just that display card so I could show it off.

Pinterest has tons of ideas for displaying Christmas cards. Check it out!

Do you have your own unique ways to display your Christmas cards? I’d love to hear about it!

Is your list ready!? 

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