From Day to Day!

Good Afternoon, my friends!

Awhile back I had mentioned that in my Church we have hymns that we sing throughout the year, particularly on Saturday and Sundays, that remind us “Christ is Risen”! We not only celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter/Pascha, but we commemorate it every single Sunday. It is that important.

There is so much to be said about that joyous exclamation, Christ is Risen! It is life. He is life.

When I allow the doldrums of life to get me down. I forget.

When I allow the hard, pressing challenges to weigh heavy on my heart. I forget.

The kids push and tantrum (even at 17–it’s just different). I forget.

The dishes pile, the floor needs mopping, and the doorbell rings. I forget.

My heart aches from loss and confusion. I forget.

I don’t want to forget. I need to not forget.

The Church in her infinite wisdom knows we shouldn’t forget! She has created a rubrics of hymns that bring us back to that one important foundation of our life “day to day”. Christ is Risen! He has trampled down death!

She is rich with beautiful hymnography each and every day to bring us back around from our distractions to focus once again on that one thing needful.

I would like to endeavor to start posting daily, something of the beautiful hymnography we have been blessed with. But not here.

I have an Instagram for Kindler of Joy. Follow me to see the reminders of the Resurrection of Christ.

If you’ve read my blog from the beginning you know how I feel about the absolute need of reminders in our life. I know I need them. They are essential. I need them to surround me. We forget so easily. Here is one way to be reminded, delivered right to your phone.

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