Getting Ready for Christmas

Two months from today is Christmas Eve! Can you believe it? I don’t mean to scare anyone but in order to bring about this holiday with a minimal amount of stress we need to begin thinking about it now.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Since it is Letter-writing Wednesday I want to talk about  why you should still send Christmas Cards via United States Postal Service! As you know I’m pretty big on letter writing and Christmas is no exception.  In fact it is by far one of the best times to get nostalgic about the postal service!

Christmas 2001

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that I get fewer and fewer Christmas cards in the mail every year.

Do you remember when you (or your mom) kept a list of who to send to and who you received from? There were whole books you could purchase to keep track of this. Then you’d go to the mailbox every single day to bring in the cards and put them on display. It was always so fun opening each one, reading about the news in the family and often seeing pictures. When I was really young this was the time you’d send out the school pictures for the year. Then as the years went on picture holiday cards became all the rage.

Winter 2005/2006

And now so many just send electronic messages. Or maybe it is just that one feels that everyone already is up on everything because they read it on FB. Whatever the reason may be, people are definitely sending fewer and fewer greeting cards. In fact, I’m wondering if the millennial generation even know what sending Christmas cards is.

If you’ve stopped sending Christmas cards in the mail, starting today I want to get you thinking about sending Christmas cards once again. It is something that really should never go out of style!

Joseph (2 years old) wants you to know sending Christmas Cards is JOY!

Here are 5 reasons why you should send Christmas cards this year! This IS a tradition worthy of re-embracing and making part of your holiday.

  1. It is personal & intimate….it says, “I’m thinking about you.”
  2. Not everyone you know is on social media! No, seriously, it’s true. You have many people in your life that do not read about your life on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. It gives you a reason to be reflective on life, reminisce, be grateful and share your gratitude.
  4. They make beautiful holiday decoration as you display them about your house.
  5. You are sending Joy! Your Christmas card will literally put a smile on someone’s face! And could quite possibly be the light in the day that person is desperately needing.

I am quite certain your heart is warmed when you go to the mail box and find a real handwritten Christmas card waiting for you! So go make your list and get ready for Christmas! (That way the stress will be less!)

Christmas 2007

Next week I’ll share my list idea and my favorite places to buy cards!

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