Maxim Week 30

Week 30 of Fr. Thomas Hopko’s 55 Maxims is probably one of my favorites. Yet, it is difficult for me.

Be cheerful. Act cheerful, even if you don’t feel like it, especially in the presence of others.

Fr. Thomas Hopko

I love this quote by St. Seraphim about cheerfulness.  Fr. Thomas says, “act cheerful, even if you don’t feel like it.” This is pretty difficult to do. This is the part I struggle with. It is hard to “act cheerful” when you don’t feel like it.

Part of the reason I am on this Journey to Joy is to be cheerful. I want others to see joy IN me because I want them to see Jesus.

Back in May I first introduced this quote by St. Seraphim. Let me share as I did then…

“As I have always struggled with depression/despair, a sad countenance- dejection, this quote has really inspired me to grab a hold of cheer. Cheer drives away weariness!   Cheer is light. Cheer is grace. Cheer is beauty. Cheer is love. Cheer is all around us and can be within us.”

Let us endeavor to be cheerful, even when we don’t feel like it!

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