Maxim Week 25

Welcome to Maxim Monday! I cannot believe that it has been 25 weeks since I started blogging and creating Maxim Mondays. It has really blessed me to do this. I pray it has blessed you as well. 

Today we look at Maxim #25.

Father Thomas Hopko said on his podcast…

Be faithful in little things. Jesus said it. “He who is faithful in little, inherits much and is put over much. And those that are not faithful in little, lose the little they have.” In St. Luke’s Gospel, the Lord even said: “lose the little, they think that they have.” Fidelity in small, ordinary things.

This has hit home pretty hard today. I think that this is something that I really need to work on better. 

Sometimes it is hard to admit to ourselves the areas where the Lord is prodding us to grow in. We hear that still small voice nudging us to look and see how it is we can grow and yet sometimes we ignore it. Like a small child who doesn’t want to do what he ought to do we plug our ears and turn away. It hurts to admit we need to grow, to change. But in the end the pinch of pain grows us, makes us wiser, more compassionate and every so slowly brings us into closer communion with God. 

So today I commit to seeking deeper understanding of this maxim “Be faithful in little things” and parable. Despite the pinch of pain it may cause I pray God show me how I may grow so that He may be able to trust me with His gifts.  Not that I may become “rich” here on earth but that I may become rich in eternal blessings and rich in the ability to share these blessings and the Joy of the Resurrection with all I meet. 

May your week be a blessed one!

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