Maxim Week 16

Fr. Thomas tells us in his podcast,

Read good books, a little at a time. Don’t gobble them up. Don’t read through it to say “I’ve read it.” Slowly read books. Sometimes, read the same book two or three times over again—trying to put into practice what it says.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to read this! As a very busy mother of 4 for the last 21 years I have not even tried to “gobble” a book! I couldn’t even if I wanted to, but I often would lament this point. I would feel bad that I could never finish a book. I would tell my friends, “I don’t read books, I skim them or just read the sections of interest.”

So, now I feel better about not gobbling up books over the years.

As my kids get older and start flying the coop I’ll have more time to read more books and then I’m sure I will need to remind myself to pay attention to this sage advice.

Have a blessed week, my joys!

To print this and all the Maxims I’ve talked about thus far visit my “printables” page!


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