Seasonal Table for TBT

Don’t we all love to look at old pictures? It is so fun and brings such joy!

Some time ago I was reading another Gretchen Rubin book called “The Happiness Project“. She was working on her project which included creating a “seasonal table” where she kept pictures of her girls from the past. She would swap them out at different seasons. For example they took an annual Valentines photo and sent cards instead of at Christmas. So every year at Valentines Day she would pull out all the past photos and display them on her holiday table. I got to thinking that one could do this for all the seasons. I have started going through my pictures and making categories to create such a space that I can swap out seasonally. Christmas, Pascha, summer, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. It will be such fun.

In the mean time I’ve sound some fun pictures to share with you all!

Since it is the season of graduations here is my graduation picture I took with my sister! 1989! It’s not very flattering but there it is!



This isn’t necessarily season related, although you can tell it is summer, but here I am at about 7 years old with my sister and my dear great-grandma. I remember very well visiting her in the nursing home up the street from my grandma Syverson’s house. I loved visiting great-grandma Lee.
Here is a four generation picture of my me, my mom, my grandma Syverson and my great-grandma Lee. This picture is labeled April 1977, I was 6 1/2 years old.

This is the sweet grandma that taught me about letter-writing. She sent birthday cards to missionaries all over the world! I want to be like her.


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