Sending Birthday Cards

Welcome to Letter Writing Wednesday! Some of you might ask why letter-writing is part of Kindler of Joy, my journey to joy, OUR journey to joy. Who doesn’t love to get a letter in the mail? Who doesn’t smile when they see a real handwritten envelope in the mail? They are so far and few between these days, aren’t they? I haven’t been able to send one every single day, although it will continue to be my goal. Letter-writing truly does bring joy to the receiver as well as the sender.

Today I finally printed and updated my own perpetual calendar that I shared with you all two weeks ago. I got the whole year filled in and will put it in my 3-ring binder. As I was writing the names in the months I realized that I have way too many blank dates in these 12 pages. I need to work hard at adding new names. One of the goals I have is to do as my grandmother did, send birthday cards to missionaries. About 3 weeks ago I wrote an email to OCMC with a very unique request, birthdays of missionaries and ways to send them. I haven’t gotten single response from them. I don’t blame them, they probably think I’m crazy. I will persist. I really do want to send these cards. Another area of need, I am sure, are the elderly, shut-ins.

My request to you today is this…Do you know any missionaries personally that I could send birthday cards to? Do you know anyone in particular that could really use a smile sent to their mailbox? An elderly, a shut-in? I really would love to send smiles through the mail, to bring joy to someone, a bright spot to a dreary day. If you know someone please send me a message, you can reach me here. Oh, and if anyone is with OCMC or has connections please connect me. Thanks!

Have a blessed day, my joys!

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