These Boys of Mine

Today for Throwback Thursday I just HAD to share these pictures. Even though I did another post already. I had thought I’d try to weave these into my last post but I decided they needed a place of their own. When I go back in time and reminisce of these little guys my heart soars with joy! What fun they had!

my clergyman

I made them these little outfits so they could pretend to be clergymen. Joseph is swinging his “censor”. I saved one of the phelonion (poncho type garment Nicho has on) and gave one away. I look at it now and it is astonishingly small.

By the way, Nicholas has a big red dot on his forehead. This is actually a huge scab he got from giving himself a rug burn one Sunday at church.


This is just a lovely picture of the sweet boys from about 11 years ago. That means Joseph is 5 and Nicholas is 6 1/2.

boys 3

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