Audio Heaven

For years and years I do not think I spent any significant amount of time reading for leisure.

Every once in awhile I’d grab a book and not put it down until done. Like the time I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time when Kelsey had to read it for school. Yes, I’m admitting I had not read Pride and Prejudice until well into my 30’s and boy do I regret it.

But when I read a novel I like I don’t like to put it down. It’s all or nothing.

Even non-fiction books were constantly in the bag from the Library but only skimmed for important information before returning them. I never read a book cover to cover. I just didn’t have time. I didn’t allow time for myself.

When my kids were young we discovered books on tape–CD really. Nicholas especially loved his audio books. He would listen for hours and hours on end to all manner of books.

Then one day 2 years ago I decided to go to work, outside of the home. This was a tedious manufacturing job that allowed me to listen to music, or anything audio, with headphones.

I discovered audio books!

First, I downloaded the app from Librivox. If you love audio books and you’ve never heard of Librivox you must go check it out right now. Well, after you finish reading my post. Librivox is a free source of public domain audio books. This is where I got to download every Jane Austen book I could get my hands on. The readers are voluntary so sometimes you get one you just can’t listen to, but mostly they are very good!

After exhausting Librivox I discovered Overdrive. Overdrive is used in conjunction with your local library. So they have to be available from your local library. This is where I discovered Gretchen Rubin and her books The Happiness Project and Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits. She is really inspiring! I also listened to Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. And many, many more!

And last but not least I joined Audible! I love Audible, but it is a subscription you pay monthly for. For hard to find books in the free sources though it is awesome. Or books you want to actually own. I’ve bought several Dave Ramsey books like More than Enough, and Gary Taubes books like The Case Against Sugar (which probabyl is one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read) and Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It. Both authors have inspired me in different areas of my life.

Books have always been inspirational for all manner of people for all manner of reasons. If you’ve never been a big reader maybe this is one way you can get some “reading” in and you too can be inspired by a good read!

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