Maxim #6


It is the wrong time of year to have this come up as our next Maxim since right now, in the Orthodox Church, we are in the midst of our Paschal season. During this until, until Pentecost, we do not do any prostrations. But nonetheless, here is what Fr. Thomas Hopko has to say about Maxim #6:

We, Orthodox, would say make some prostrations when you pray. Kneel down. Bend over. Bow down. Use your body. As St. Ephraim, “If your body is not praying when you’re praying, you’re not really praying.” Prayer is not just an activity of the mind and heart. It’s an activity of the whole person.

So actually during the festive time of Pascha we can still use our body for worship as we make the sign of the cross and bow low in prayer.

Click on the image to print your reminder.

Let us set out with Joy as we walk through this last week of April!

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