Happy Place

Everyone  needs a happy place- a spot that brings joy- within their home.

This table is, more often than not, a catch-all place which does the opposite in me. You know what I am talking about!  Every home has one. But today I said, “No more.”

A Happy Place

I must have a happy place in a central location. A place that brings a smile, that brings peace. A place that I’m proud of if someone knocks on the door unannounced (even if chaos reigns everywhere else).

So my dining room table will be one such happy place from now on…at least that is the goal.

In the middle of the table I put one of my “Reminders” to bring some extra ray of sunshine.

When I wrote “Reminders” at the end of March my hope was to create a bunch of them and get them spattered about the house but it’s been slow going. I need these reminders but I also think I need happy places to put them in.

radiant joy2

This is my newest and one of my absolute favorites thus far. Click on the image and you too can print this to put on your mirror or window, or your special happy place.

Here are some other reminders I’ve put out recently.

kitchen window

happy computer

Do you have a happy place you give regular attention to to make sure it is “happy”?

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