Maxim Week 4

On this Bright Monday in the Orthodox Church I’d like to start by saying–Christ is Risen!

These Maxim Mondays are about learning and molding my life around these 55 Maxims for Christian Living (written by Fr. Thomas Hopko of blessed memory). Fr. Thomas did many, many podcasts on so many topics. If you’d like to hear his series called “The Paschal Season” follow the link here. It is Fr. Thomas Hopko’s talks on the Paschal season and into Pentecost, Thomas Sunday through all Saints.

For today though, we are on week 4 of the Maxims for Christian Living and it is a beauty.  It is one I think can be easily adopted, with effort, with reminders. Print this reminder, #4, to leave in various locations in your house. And say the Lord’s prayer whenever you see it.

“Say the Lord’s Prayer several times a day—just as one is getting into one’s car or walking into one’s office or into one’s classroom or before eating a meal, when waking in the morning, when going to sleep at night. Just say the Lord’s Prayer. It’s the prayer that the Lord gave, a short prayer, but it contains everything that a human being needs to pray if Christ is crucified, raised, and glorified.”     -Fr. Thomas Hopko

I’ll leave you with this joyous, purely joyous, rendition of Christ is Risen!

Hristos voskrese = Christ is Risen!

2 thoughts on “Maxim Week 4”

  1. I didn’t realize where these maxims were coming from, I’m so excited to look forward to exploring all 55 of them! I am behind on printing out though, I need to do that! 🙂


    1. This week is one of my favorites because for busy moms it is so doable. I used to feel so overwhelmed with prayer rules but to know that I could say this anytime, anywhere made me feel so connected. Print several. Put one in your car, at your bathroom mirror, kitchen sink.
      Christ is Risen!!


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