The Last Beatitude

tahklahk lake

This morning as I was doing some quiet, self-reflection I was reading a book that talked about using the Sermon on the Mount to help reflect on ones life. To reflect on what we might need to change in our lives to bring us closer to God, to grow spiritually.

In the Eastern Orthodox Tradition we are just finishing up our 40 day fast and getting ready for Holy Week. As we walk through Great Lent we are asked to prepare for confession which is what inspired my self-reflection. Regardless of your faith, self-reflection is always a good thing for isn’t our goal in life to walk closer with the Risen Christ? To become better people in service to Him?

The very last Beatitude we read about is…

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven.

The questions that followed in the book really got me thinking about my life and about the journey to joy I have begun.

 Is my joy and gladness in God? Or is it in this world with its passions, Powers, possessions and praise? Am I mean and grouchy or jealous and moody? Am I despairing and without hope? Am I pessimistic and anxious? Do I complain and spread darkness and irritation to others? Is my faith of no consequence in my actions and attitudes to the events of life? Do I really “consider the lilies of the field…” and trust in God and rejoice in this trust? Is my treasure in God or in myself? Is my life “hid with Christ in God in heaven” or am I in fact a human of this age in body, mind and spirit? Do I believe and have in truth the “joy of believing”?

This beatitude that I sing every single Sunday, suddenly became so much more meaningful, so much more alive.

May we all let the Sermon on the Mount really help us on our journey to become Kindlers of Joy.

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