Throwback Thursday

Welcome back to another Thursday of fun. This week I decided to dig out my first 2 photo albums I ever created as a child.  This was so fun! I decided to share some pictures from the early 70’s and some important people in my life.

mom and me

aunty sharon

grandma syverson

4 cousins 1971

us four 1972

This is so fun! What memories will you dig up today?

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. Hey Sue, good memories! Good news! 32 acres of the farm by the river will stay in the family! John W will be the owner, so memories will continue to be made there by the Kauffmans
    From your uncle John


  2. Great pictures Sue and yes those memories are burnt into our brains of the farm. Love, love the farm and so glad it will stay in the family just wish I could afford some of the land and build a place for summer retreats.


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