Maxim Monday #2

Welcome to Maxim Monday week 2. Today we hear Fr. Thomas Hopko give us this advice about prayer:   “Pray as you can, not as you think you must. Pray as God inspires you to pray, not as you want to, but as God gives. And for a Christian, that would mean in one’s heart, in one’s room, and in one’s Church.”

Maxim #2

Printable  Maxim #2

Many, many years ago when I visited St. John the Forerunner Monastery in Goldendale, WA I  visited with the abbess and asked her about prayer. At the time I was a mother of 4 very young children and felt that prayer was near impossible. The best advice I had ever received came from this sweet Gerontissa. “Pray while you work.”  This advice very much matches up with what Fr. Thomas is saying. See, I always felt like I was failing at prayer because I didn’t stand in front of my icons or sit with my prayer book for long periods. It was overwhelming.
I still feel like I don’t get it right but this maxim #2 makes me feel good about the advice I got and my praying while I work is a very good thing.  I really do feel so good when I can pull myself away from my own thoughts and actually pray while I work as Gerontissa taught me.

I fold laundry and pray for the person who wear’s what I am folding. (When I remember.) Lord have mercy on James.

I like to pray in the car while I drive. Especially I love to sing prayers or hymns when I am by myself in the car.

What are ways you like to “Pray as you can”?

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