My last post, Psalm 100, really got me thinking. My deepest desire is to seek joy. To mindfully live my life with the joy of the Resurrection in my heart. Joyfully live my life.

Psalm 100:2 says,

Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

This verse jumps out at me when I read it. If we are here on earth to serve the Lord, if we are Christians, then we need to be filled with gladness! We need to serve the Lord with GLADNESS and come before Him with singing! That feeling, that I spoke about when I started this blog, is the feeling I want in serving the Lord with gladness all the days of my life. Oh boy is it hard to do on those days that pull us down! But when I step away from those times and I read God’s promises and I REMEMBER His Resurrection and I remember that feeling, it makes me want to work all the harder at fighting through those difficult, hard, grinding days.

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!

This song brings me the most joy of any other out there! It is the essence of my life in Christ! Let us sing a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Christ is Risen!

Each and every Saturday evening, throughout the entire year, we proclaim these words through our reading of the matins gospel reading. Wikipedia explains it well:

Every Sunday is a commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus, and so it is always observed as a feast (in the Slavic churches it is customary to serve an All-Night Vigil every Saturday night).

The Sunday Matins Gospels (known as the “Matins Resurrection Gospels”) are an eleven-week cycle of readings taken from the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection appearances of Jesus.

The Sunday Matins Gospels are:

  1. Matthew 28:16-20
  2. Mark 16:1-8
  3. Mark 16:9-20
  4. Luke 24:1-12
  5. Luke 24:12-35
  6. Luke 24:36-53
  7. John 20:1-10
  8. John 20:11-18
  9. John 20:19-31
  10. John 21:1-14
  11. John 21:15-25

The cycle begins on the Sunday after Pentecost, and continues up to, but not including, Palm Sunday of the succeeding year. The eleven lessons are read in order and without interruption, except on Great Feasts of the Lord—which have their own Matins Gospels—until Pascha (Easter) of the following year. During the Pentecostarion (the period from Pascha until Pentecost), the same Gospels are read at Sunday Matins, but not in the same order.

I bring this up to say…

Christ is Risen!

All year, not just on that day of the year known as the Feast of Feasts. He is risen in our hearts, everyday! Let us live as if we know this to be true.

Psalm 96:2 says, (emphasis mine)

Christ is Risen!

(Click on the picture above for a pdf of Psalm 96:2.)

Have a blessed weekend, my joys!

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