Five Days of Snow

As of this morning, Saturday, December 17th, we have had snow every day for five days. The bulk of it arrived on Wednesday and Thursday giving the Fargo/Moorhead area two snow days! Well, honestly, nearly the whole state had snow days. This isn’t taken lightly around here. But also, I will add, one downside to acclimating to COVID closures is the poor school children who see on the screen “Virtual Learning Day” instead of “Closed”. I really do feel sorry for them. One of my fondest memories growing up in MN was when we would wake to snow and eagerly watch the TV screen as the school closures scrolled across the bottom of the screen. Now these poor kids don’t even get that pleasure.

I wanted to share with you the beauty that we have been blessed with. Inches and inches of snow. Learning how to drive in it, shovel it, throw it, acclimate to the cold, bone chilling wind. There is beauty in it all!
I have thoroughly enjoyed going out in this beautiful landscape to shovel snow and marvel at the sculptures the wind has made.

Now, come February, I might say something different after shoveling snow for the umpteenth time. I actually don’t shovel too much but I get to use the little tiny snow blower we bought. Joseph helps with the heavy lifting. Below is a photo of the front yard from the upstairs bedroom. You can see the sidewalk shoveling we have done, plus the remnants of a snow angel.

The wind has been so strong that it has created some pretty sculptures on the tops of the houses in our neighborhood, as well as our own. It’s been fun to watch.

Sculptures by God.

One of the first things I did after moving in was setting up birdfeeders. We feed many different kinds of birds as well as squirrels. I was out filling feeders when I came across this lone little leaf trying to hang on for dear life.

It has been quite an adventure so far but I am really enjoying being back in the Midwest near where I grew up. Lots of fond memories of cold, snowy winters. I’ve always loved the snow! My hope is that I’ll still be able to see this beauty even when it is mid-February and we are eager for spring, which will come much later here than I am used to.

Mi casa es su casa! Come visit! Winter is magical when there is snow!

And it’s nice & warm in the sunroom!

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