We Magnify Thee in Songs

Settling in at our new parish here in Fargo has been a slow process. We’ve been here 5 weeks now but missed two Sundays due to being sick. But today, Kelsey and I finally made the step and joined the choir. It was truly a blessing to be able to do this. It helped us feel so much more a part of this new “home” only because it made it all seem so much more familiar and singing is something we were so entrenched in at our old parish. Last week coming back from being sick for two weeks Kelsey really felt a deep homesickness and loneliness and today she didn’t, at first, even want to go to church for fear of feeling lonely again. I told her, “The only way we will stop feeling lonely and homesick is to dive into what we are used to doing. We must emerce ourselves into the life of this parish.” And that is what we did! And it felt so good.

It felt good to sing within the community and feel involved again.

Today, as every Sunday, we are reminded that Christ has risen. He has conquered death. He is the life of all and for all. And He is the reason why we serve, love, and sing. In doing so, we magnify our Lord!!!

Aposticha Hymn Tone 5

We are so grateful to be a part of a community once again. We still miss y’all in the PNW, but God is so good and we will find our niche once again in the place he has brought us.

Have a blessed week!


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