Move Days 2 -4

Mom and I had two more days of driving before we arrived at my aunt’s house in Walhalla, North Dakota. Here are some beautiful reminders of God’s love for us.

I didn’t mention in my first blog post on this news about how we came to be moving my mom back to MN. Back in February we talked about her moving to Detroit Lakes, MN into the same community where her sister and her niece both live. Mom definitely is a Minnesota girl through and through and to be somewhere near a lot more family will be a blessing to her. Yes, I will be far away yet, but it will be a really good excuse for me to get to MN more often. She will enjoy being part of a community where she can make friends and play games and take walks, all without leaving the building. It will be good for her. But it is bittersweet for all of us. Her other sister is only 3 hours away and my brother & sister are only 4 hours away. It will be good.

We will be in ND until early Thursday morning when we will head to her new home.

I am very grateful that my brother and sister will be joining us and we will get her settled in. Here is mom with her sister, my aunt Sharon.

Look at this beautiful day we have today in North Dakota…

Christ is risen!

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