Forgiveness Sunday

Today, in the Eastern Orthodox church, it is designated as Forgiveness Sunday. It is the day before we enter Great Lent and we think about forgiveness, we ask forgiveness of each other and go into Great Lent with repentance on our minds and hearts.

Last night we sang some beautiful hymnography in preparation for this day, in preparation for Great Lent.

The arena of the virtues has been opened!
Let all who wish to struggle for the prize enter now;
let them gird themselves for the noble contest of the Fast;
for those who strive rightly are justly crowned.
Let us take up the armor of the Cross
and make war against the enemy.
Let the faith be our invincible rampart,
prayer our breastplate and our helmet the giving of alms;
and let us use fasting as our sword,
to cut away all evil from our heart.
If we do this, we shall receive the true crown//
at the day of judgment from Christ the King of all.

from Praises at Matins

This afternoon we will come together singing these hymns and then taking the time ask forgiveness of each other before starting Lent. It is such a beautiful part of my faith. I am a sinner. My whole life is the time I have to work towards salvation. Every day is new opportunity to become a little closer to God, a little more like Him, the Light in darkness.

Lord, I long to wash away with tears the record of all my sins,
and to spend the remaining days of my life
pleasing Thee through repentance,
but the Enemy continually deceives me.
He wages war against my soul.
Save me before I completely perish, O Lord!

Who, when caught in a storm, if he runs to this haven is not saved?
Or who that is sick, if he runs to this healing, is not made whole?
O Creator of all and Physician of the sick,
Save me before I completely perish, O Lord!

Hymns from Vespers Sunday afternoon.

I am very much looking forward to Great Lent this year. A time of deeper contemplation, and prayer.

What are you looking forward to this Lent? What are your favorite services?

As we approach the start of Great Lent and participate in Forgiveness Sunday, I’d like to ask your forgiveness, whether in word or deed, knowledge or in ignorance, please forgive me if I have hurt or offended in any way.

And even though we have spent most of this weekend in preparation for Great Lent I would be remiss if I did not add the reminder that all Sundays give us…”Christ God is risen!”

Blessed Sunday to you all!

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness Sunday”

  1. God forgives and I forgive! Forgive me a sinner!
    Oh man. I love and slightly dread lent. The fasting is hard for me. But I love all the services. It’s a running joke that every service is my favorite 😂 let us run this race sister!


    1. Sweet Rachael, don’t be hard on yourself about the fasting. You are young, a nursing mama and you have littles. I rarely fasted when I was in your shoes. Maybe that says something about me but I believe we are given grace as mama’s. I have never been good at fasting but each year I try a bit harder and go a bit further. I think that is what this journey is all about. It is why I love Lent so much, I get a do-over every year. Much love to you as you run the race and cross the sea of the fast.


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