New Adventures Begin

A couple of years ago some friends of ours moved back to their “hometown” and started a new business called Marabou Postpartum. When I learned about what Marabou was all about, I learned about something I had never heard of before. In essence, they were promoting the very real need of postpartum doula’s.

What is a postpartum doula, you ask? Well, I had to ask just that question. I had never heard of a postpartum doula!

A postpartum doula is someone who comes into your home after the birth of your baby to help you with non-medical support. Postpartum doula’s are there to support the mother in many ways. I love the phrase that has been coined, they “mother the mother”. You know how it is when a new baby comes! Everyone wants to come see the baby, hold the baby, help with the baby. But what about mom! Who is going to nurture her, encourage her, help her and mother her? The Postpartum Doula! Postpartum Doula’s “nurture, educate, assess, and refer”, they are N.E.A.R!

When I learned about this, I told my friend, “I want to do that !” And her response was, “Susan, you need to do that! You’d be great!”

That was 2 years ago, or more!

Well, this past winter when a dear friend of mine from church found out she was pregnant with her first child I got the nudge again. Her encouragement and eagerness really pushed me into looking into what it takes to become a postpartum doula. I took the plunge! I signed up for a training class, joined DONA International’s certification program, bought a ton of books and started down a brand new path! The certification process can take some time but I am on my way!

The exciting thing is…even during the certification process I am able to work on this business, I am even required to work with clients who can be part of my certification process and so, at the beginning of October I launched my new business!

I am thrilled and excited for this new adventure, the expansion of Kindler of Joy. Helping mother’s bring peace and joy to their first weeks at home!

There are postpartum doulas all over the country! Know someone who is having a baby? Just think about how amazing it would be for your friend/daughter/sister to receive the gift of a postpartum doula! My friends at Marabou can help you set up a registry for services just like this!

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