Anniversary Throwback Thursday- 27 Years!

Today marks the 27th Anniversary of a lifelong commitment and I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane. As I was pondering this achievement last night I realized that I can sit and think on that day as if it were yesterday. But I wanted to take out the photos and see again those blessed moments I took part in 27 years ago. I can’t believe it has been so long, it feels so short but yet we have done so much together and grown exponentially.

What a fun trip down memory lane this has been!

What a day that was!

And now 27 years later, I look on these photos and realize so much has happened between now and then. We each have lost a parent, the photos above with each set of parents is so precious now. We lost a dear brother-in-law, James’ best man. Another very precious photo. It is amazing how time flies, and things change.

It really hits the heartstrings and wakes one up to the reality of how fleeting life can be. How important it is to live every single day as a gift, a precious moment. To live in the very moment, the only moment in time you have control over.

And over the years the most important, amazing, challenging, and beautiful thing we’ve done together is to raise these 4 beautiful babies, albeit completely imperfectly. Oh man though, how lovely they are!!!

Can you tell I love them so much?

They’ve grown into some pretty amazing people. And we’ve added one along the way through marriage.

All glory goes to God as we’ve made our way thus far.

May He grant us another many years!

2 thoughts on “Anniversary Throwback Thursday- 27 Years!”

  1. What a beautiful commentary on marriage! It certainly is the journey of a lifetime. We’re hitting 36 years in December and I find it hard to believe. Our baby is almost 22 and about ready to leave the nest (to be honest, we’re not in too much of a hurry – we like him a lot and he’s so fun to be around…and he’s our last one!) and I can’t believe we already have 6 grandchildren. One son lives 1,000s of miles away and we miss him so much. But the most wonderful thing is the rhythm my husband and I now have as a couple. I love him so much more than the day we married and we are best friends. He travels for work (he gets home about 9pm tonight after being gone a week) and I’m so excited to see him. Hasn’t dimmed at all. God has blessed us and continues to. Sharing liturgy together is the highlight of our week. We’ve lost parents and friends along the way, and we celebrate their memories each week. Isn’t our faith just wonderful like that? God bless you with many more happy years! 🙏👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️❤️


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