My Soul, My Soul Arise

As we end this first week of Great Lent I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite hymns we sing each night, Monday through Friday, during the Canon of St. Andrew. It is the Kontakion sung after the 6th Ode of the Canon.

This is my daughter and one other member of our choir singing. We aren’t aloud a full choir just yet. But even just the two voices is so beautiful. And I am somewhat biased. 😉

I feel this hymn to the core.

My soul, my soul, arise! Why art thou sleeping? The end is drawing near, and thou wilt be confounded. Awake, then, and be watchful, that thou mayest be spared by Christ God, Who is everywhere present and fillest all things.

+ The First Week of Great Lent, Kontakion, Tone 6

Such a beautiful reminder of what I need to do.

What was your favorite hymn this week?

I pray you had a very blessed first week of Great Lent. I hope it was fruitful for you.

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