Sundays are for the Resurrection

Today begins the Lenten Triodion, the period of time in preparation for Great Lent which begins just three weeks from tomorrow. During this preparation period we get to sing some beautiful hymns, as we do in Great Lent as well. I hope to share these with you as we go, but I have chosen a different day of the week to do that. Why?

Because even during this preparation time, even during Great Lent, Sundays are still, for the most part, reserved for remembering the Resurrection.

I plan to do so during the next three weeks of the Triodion and then the following six Sundays of Great Lent. I so desire to grasp this as the center of my life. I hope to wholly adopt the “antidote to despondency” as we just read and spoke about on Monday in Time and Despondency’s Introduction by “heeding the call to “re-present” the Resurrection”.

Today (and last night), we sing of his glorious Resurrection.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Christ is risen!

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