We Glorify and Praise Thy Resurrection

Saturday evenings are set aside for the Vespers service in preparation for Divine Liturgy on Sunday mornings. Last night the service was canceled at the Church due to inclement weather, so we read and sang this service in our home. Inclement weather, but beautiful!

We got about 8 inches of snow Friday into Saturday.

This is one of my favorite services. I love everything about it but most especially the Resurrectional aspect of it.

This week we sang the Resurrectional hymns of tone 3 and due to the nature of the Saint of the day we got to sing seven Resurrectional hymns which is more then usual. We got to sing several we have rarely sung before. It was a pleasure to hear these for what felt like the first time.

When we sing these hymns, we do so within the reading of various Psalms. Here are the Resurrectional hymns we sung tonight. Here we are reminded, as every week, of His glorious Resurrection!

V. (10)        Bring my soul out of prison, that I may give thanks to Thy Name.

 By Thy Cross, O Christ our Savior,
death’s dominion has been shattered;
the devil’s delusion destroyed.
The race of man, being saved by faith,
always offers Thee a song.

V. (9) The righteous will surround me, for Thou wilt deal bountifully with me.

All has been enlightened by Thy Resurrection, O Lord.
Paradise has been opened again.
All creation, praising Thee,
always offers Thee a song.

V. (8) Out of the depths I cry to Thee, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice!

I glorify the power of the Father and the Son.
I praise the authority of the Holy Spirit:
the undivided, uncreated Godhead,
the consubstantial Trinity which reigns forever.

V. (7) Let Thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications!

We bow down in worship before Thy precious Cross, O Christ,
and we glorify and praise Thy Resurrection,
for by Thy wounds we have all been healed.

V. (6) If Thou, O Lord, shouldst mark iniquities, Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with Thee.

We praise the Savior incarnate of the Virgin,
for He was crucified for our sake and resurrected on the third day,
granting us great mercy.

V. (5) For Thy Name’s sake I wait for Thee, O Lord. My soul has waited for Thy word; my soul has hoped on the Lord.

Christ descended to hell proclaiming the glad tidings:
“Behold! Now I have triumphed!
I am the Resurrection, I will lead you out,
for I have shattered the gates of death!”

V. (4) From the morning watch until night, from the morning watch, let Israel hope on the Lord!

Standing unworthily in Thy most pure house, O Christ God,
we offer our evening song, crying from the depths:
Thou Who didst enlighten the world,
by Thy Resurrection on the third day,
O Lover of man, deliver Thy people
from the hand of Thine enemies!

The very last hymn above, I really don’t remember hearing before but I am sure I have. I love the words…
Thou Who didst enlighten the world, by Thy Resurrection on the third day.

Have a beautiful, enlightened Sunday, friends! I’ll see you tomorrow for some thoughts on our book for Book Club Monday. If you missed what this is about, see this post from last Monday.

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