Simple Salvific Ways

I have talked a lot about my friends over at Filled With Less. What an amazing group of gals! So encouraging.

I have been getting their Weekly Wellness newsletter for awhile now. Each week, delivered to my inbox, are encouraging words, quotes, podcasts to listen to, recipes and more.

This week, Molly’s Momentum quote was a much needed reminder for me…

I am not strong enough to carry the weight of tomorrow on my fragile shoulders but this present moment is mine to redeem in a hundred different simple salvific ways. Inner peace is as close as the choices right in front of me to be productive, love my neighbor, and cling to Christ.

Molly Sabourin

Love my neighbor…AND my family!

Thank you, Molly, for these words of wisdom. I needed it. I will read it throughout my day to keep it in the forefront of my mind. I don’t want to forget.

Check out Filled With Less. If you want such encouragement in your inbox go subscribe(scroll to bottom of home page).
(They didn’t ask me to give them a shout out nor do I get payment. I just love them!)

I don’t often enough appreciate winter beauty. When things are dead and brown. But it truly has it’s own kind of beauty. It is at rest, peaceful, often calm. It is in waiting. Waiting for renewal.

Happy Thursday, friends!

P.S. I am praying that over the weekend I will get to capture some winter beauty here in the Pacific Northwest. We are forecasted to get some snow!! Stand-by!

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