Come, O People, Christ is Risen!

Each Sunday I spend time relishing in this beautiful fact…Christ is Risen! He has trampled down death, He has freed us from our suffering, He has delivered the world from the enemy’s deceit. Some days I cling to these hymns to enlighten my world from the darkness that surrounds. To lift me up out of the deep and fill me with joy. Each Sunday (and Saturday evening) we sing hymns of the resurrection. We worship and glorify in His gift to us. I am so grateful.

Here are some of this week’s hymns…

Come, O people,
let us hymn and fall down before Christ,
glorifying His Resurrection from the dead!
For He is our God,
Who has delivered the world from the Enemy’s deceit!

We stand before Thy life-bearing tomb unworthily, O Christ God,
offering glory to Thine ineffable compassion.
Thou hast accepted the Cross and death, O sinless One
to grant Resurrection to the world as the Lover of man.

We have been freed from sufferings
by Thy suffering, O Christ.
We have been delivered from corruption
by Thy Resurrection.
O Lord, glory to Thee!

As King of heaven and earth,
Thou wast voluntarily crucified in Thy love for man.
Hell was angered when it met Thee below.
Adam rose seeing Thee, the Creator, under the earth.
O wonder! How has the Life of all tasted death?
Thou didst enlighten the world which cries:
O Lord, Who didst rise from the dead, glory to Thee!

The myrrhbearing women came with haste to Thy tomb,
bearing myrrh and lamenting.
Not finding Thy most pure body,
they learned from the angel of the new and glorious wonder.
They told the Apostles:
“The Lord is risen, granting the world great mercy.”

There is hope in these words. There is freedom. There is courage.

I pray these hymns strengthen you as you walk through this next week!

Christ is risen!

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