See Jesus

Happy Sunday to you all!

Two weeks ago I shared an excerpt from Albert Rossi’s book, Becoming a Healing Presence called “Naming Others as a Vocation”.

There was one part of that I had not shared, although I shared it on Instagram. Albert Rossi shared in this section a quote by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh that has really pierced my heart and thoughts ever since.

We must see beauty in each person we meet. We must see Jesus!

This journey to joy has given me a focus of trying to see beauty everywhere. I try to focus on the good and the beautiful. It is a difficult thing sometimes.

And up until now I have focused on the outward creation all around me and trying to find the good and beautiful in circumstances. I haven’t, unfortunately, given much thought to working on seeing the beautiful, seeing Jesus, in the people around me.

That is why this is so convicting.

And remember what Albert Rossi said at the end of that section? (emphasis mine)

If we go through the world with this new vision, saying “Jesus” over every person, seeing Jesus in every person, everybody will be transformed and transfigured before our eyes.

If we allow ourselves to change the glasses we wear and to see the good not just in our natural world but also in the people, we will become more like Jesus. Is this not the goal?

St. Seraphim called all he met, “my joys”. What a beautiful attitude to have! What a beautiful example St. Seraphim is! “Christ is risen, my joys!” could be heard from his lips always.

Let us become more like Jesus!

Resurrection Reminder

This Resurrection Reminder is a free printable PDF. Print, post, remind…He is Risen! Every day!

In the Shop

Besides note cards and greeting cards, I also take many of the Photo Quotes from my blog and create prints, mostly 5×7 prints. One of the most popular thus far has been the prayer by Saint Sophrony.

These prints are printed locally in my small town and they are printed on a heavy duty, premium card stock. They can be framed and make beautiful gifts.

I love to use them as reminders, posting them around the house in areas where I am frequently doing work; on my desk, at the kitchen sink, at the bathroom mirror. Physical reminders are so essential for me.

You can visit the shop on Etsy by following any of the links.

Have a blessed week!

Christ is risen! Every day! Seek beauty, find beauty, honor beauty.

Honor Him, the Resurrection and Life of all!


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