Time for a Sale!

Today through Friday, March 27th, we are offering a sale for the entire shop, but most especially our Pascha/Easter cards. Today is the “middlemost point” of the great fast. Look what the hymn at vespers says:

“The Fast that brings us blessings has now reached its middlemost point: it has helped us to receive God’s grace in the days that are past, and it will bring us further benefit in the days still to come. We therefore cry to Christ, the Giver of all good: O Thou who for our sakes hast fasted and endured the Cross, make us worthy to share uncondemned in Thy divine Passover. May we spend our lives in peace and rightly glorify Thee with the Father and the Spirit.”

As we travel through the last half of the fast the reality is that we don’t know if we will get to be together to celebrate Pascha/Easter. Pascha will come! No matter what. Our Archbishop Benjamin ended his homily Sunday by saying, “There is nothing, no power on earth, including some virus, that can take the joy of the Cross and the Lord’s Pascha from us.”

We offer this sale to encourage connection with each other to celebrate no matter what.

Let us not be discouraged. ❤ Let us prepare for our Risen Lord and to spread the great Joy of the Resurrection. No matter what!


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