This post has been sitting in my drafts since January 9th. I just let it sit and I haven’t looked at it until today. I’m glad I let it be for a bit and I’m glad I happened to open it up today. As we draw near to Great Lent, the time of repentance and growth and focusing on our relationship with Christ this reminder from January is fitting.

Tuesday, January 7th, we had one of those motivational speakers at work. Team building and all the stuff. I work for a Christian non-profit and we have weekly prayer meetings and openly have conversations all the time with others about God and prayer, etc. It is actually really awesome!

At this event on Tuesday, the 7th, we broke off into groups and were asked to answer the question, “How do we show up at our best at work? What can we do to best communicate, to best do our jobs?” We were to first each write words on sticky notes and put on an easel, than categorize them and find 3 key themes in our thoughts and finally write a slogan from those 3 themes.

As I was thinking through this in the days following the talk I realized that what my team came up with really could be the slogan for our lives in general. Our purpose in life.

Our three key themes we found as we gathered our sticky-notes was:

  • Relationship with God/Prayer
  • Relationships with people.
  • Communication

To be honest I cannot remember the exact phrasing of our slogan but it was pretty cool. It went something like this…

Our relationship with God is the key component in creating healthy communication and deeper relationships so we can do our mission. Relationship with God is the glue that holds it all together.

Isn’t this true in our own lives? Our relationship with God, our time in prayer and reading scripture is meant to change the person we see in the mirror. When we allow this to happen our lives can change. We find peace, gratitude, love and joy.

St. Seraphim said, “Find peace and a thousand around you will be saved.”

As I contemplate on this again today and am awaiting the time of Lent to begin I pray that I can put my focus on Christ above all else over the next 7 weeks, and ultimately beyond that.

I really love this reading from Joel that the Church prescribes to be read this week prior to the start of Lent. It is perfect. “Turn to Me with all your heart…”

My goal for Great Lent.

Are you ready?

1 thought on “Purpose”

  1. I’m never really ready, but I guess never ready in the same way that no one is ever really completely prepared for anything, even glorious things. I ask God’s mercy this Lent and hope that he will multiply my meager efforts and supply my deficiencies!


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