Prodigal Son and the Resurrection

Resurrection hymnography every single Sunday continues even though we are in the preparatory period before Great Lent Begins, the Triodion. The Sundays leading up to Great Lent all have a theme and are meant to prepare us for the fasting season. The season of repentance and change, as I talked a bit about last week.

I love the fact that even though we walk through the calendar of changes, we never cease to commemorate His glorious Resurrection each and every Sunday.

This Sunday we read the Gospel of Luke and the story of the Prodigal Son. This Sunday we hear about the Father welcoming His son back even after he squandered his inheritance and lived a life of sin.

We too are welcomed back into our Father’s arms.

This beautiful hymn we sung today:

I have recklessly forgotten Thy glory, O Father;

and among sinners I have scattered the riches which Thou gavest me.

And now I cry to Thee as the Prodigal:

“I have sinned before Thee, O merciful Father;

receive me as a penitent,

and make me as one of Thy hired servants!”

I get very excited about these Sundays leading up to Great Lent. They are so rich with beautiful hymnography of God’s graciousness. They prepare my heart and mind for the rigors of Lent, of which I am very ready for.

I am so ready.

And in the midst of this preparation, in the midst of Great Lent as we walk through the sea of the fast, we remember the purpose of it all!

Christ is Risen!

Every day!

1 thought on “Prodigal Son and the Resurrection”

  1. I’m so glad the Chuch has all of these services and hymnography for Lent. It makes Lent something to be looked forward to instead of dreaded. When I was Catholic, except for some purple there was really nothing special until Holy Week, and the Orthodox blow the Catholic Holy Week our of the water.


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