Sunny Sunday

It is literally a sunny Sunday here in the Pacific Northwest. A very welcome sight after record breaking, what seems to be, non-stop rain.

Sunny Sundays and Resurrection Reminders, two terms I coined as I’ve been working on reminding myself how truly blessed Sundays are in that we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ each and every Sunday, throughout the entire year. Reminders because I need them. I need to constantly remind myself of this joyful gift God has given us. Writing about it and creating photo quotes of hymnography helps me in my remembering.

Today’s Resurrection Reminder comes from Matins. We sang it last night, some churches sing it in the morning before Liturgy.

I haven’t posted on the Resurrection Reminders in quite some time and to be honest I have really missed creating these. When I am actively working on reminding myself by creating, I am so much more attentive to the words I sing in Vespers and Matins, seeking a treasure to hold on to.

I love this one (seen above)…”Let us sing to Him Who rose from the dead, the Author of our life.”


Today in the Orthodox Church we also heard the reading from Luke 18 about the Publican and Pharisee. It is the beginning of our preparation for Great Lent. We prepare to prepare. This Sunday reminds us to be humble as the publican was in his prayers. This reading really struck a chord in me this year. Someone on Instagram reminded me of the post I did last year for this day. My prayer is the same…

“May I find the humility of the Publican in my own heart that I may more easily kindle joy with lightness and love.” Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.

In the sermon today Fr. John talked about this day, this week and the entirety of Great Lent is about change. Change in me. He said something that I love. “We Orthodox do not change the Church, the Church is meant to change us and that is what Great Lent is all about. Changing me.”

Lord may I flee from pride and learn humility. Reveal to me, with mercy, those things I need to change to become more like you.

Enjoy your fast-free week!

Addendum: As I was re-reading this post the day after posting I realized “Sunny Sunday” title did not match the photo I chose for the matins hymn. Although a very cool cloud picture, it was dark and I was talking about sunny days. It really popped out at me in the Blog Reader where it gives the title and photo…they were odd together. I needed to portray a sunny Sunday! So if you notice the change of photo in the reader, that is why. Happy day to y’all!

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