Twice in the last four days we have found ourselves with unplanned company. We have found ourselves welcoming these friends into our home, sharing a meal around the table and hanging out to visit for a goodly amount of time.


I discovered something.

It filled my soul!

And I realized that this is a rare occurrence in our home. But it didn’t used to be.

We need this back in our lives.

I got to thinking about my grandmothers. They always were ready for such occasions because this happened frequently. One, they were both pastors’ wives and two, they lived much, much slower lives than we do. NOT less busy, just slower. Where visiting took precedent over watching TV or sports or might I be so bold to say, this.

They were always ready to welcome family, friends and/or neighbors to sup around the table and visit. One of my grandma Syversons famous lines we cousins used to laugh about was, “wanna a lil’ lunch?” Because anyone that walked through her door would hear that question, no matter what time of day it was. It could have been 9:00pm at night. It didn’t matter.

What a blessed woman she was. Such a sweet example of serving the Lord always, in everything she did. She was the letter writer I have talked about. She taught me much.

I want to be more like grandma and ready to welcome others into my home at a moments notice.

People don’t tend to just show up at your door any more these days so I need to learn to be intentional about it. Inviting friends for tea or having families over for dinner regularly. Last summer we had a Sunday afternoon book club in our home once or twice a month. That was so lovely. It is time to kindle that back up and finish that book we started.

Hebrews 13: 2 says “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

Entertaining, welcoming, loved ones as well is welcoming Christ into our homes.

I look forward to more times like this, hopefully far more often than it has been happening lately.

It kindles joy!

6 thoughts on “Visitors”

  1. I loved this! I agree. It’s been a very cold winter with snow threatening even today again. I think with the sun and spring thaw I will see more of my friends. I miss the coffee-around-the-table and long chats…

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  2. I have thought about this too! We used to have “company” as a normal, cultural thing. I even remember certain recipes had “good enough for company” on them as notes. Nobody has time to have or be company any more, and when we do, I for one am often just TIRED and want the company of my sofa more than anything. I miss the specialness of that world, though. It seems the more efficient and overcommitted we become, the fewer things are special.

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  3. Yes, Sue. Your Grandma Syverson always had the coffee pot on and a cookie to go with it! I still, after all these years, once in awhile think..”oh I gotta tell mom (or ask,mom) that”! I still miss mom & dad lots!
    Thanks for the memories!
    Love you!


  4. I think this is so wonderful! It’s so needed in our culture that nowadays is filled with too many planned events. I’m so old-fashioned that way; I like just being spontaneous and going to visit someone last minute. It’s hard living the modern way with my old-fashioned tendencies.😕🤷 Unfortunately, now that I’m divorced, it’s more difficult. People stay away even more so. Do they think I have something they’ll “catch”?
    Until then, I’m soaking up the precious time we spend in #blogtown, continue on with new hobbies, and seeking God’s Will. 😊💕


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