2020 Letter Writing Goals

Today is Letter Writing Wednesday! I have not written a letter or a birthday card in probably a month. I DID send over 100 Christmas Cards this year in its place. But not sending birthday cards or letters makes me very sad as I realize how many special days I have missed.

Yesterday my Instagram pen pal group I helped found, OrthodoxWomensSnailMailSociety, asked the question, “What 2020 letter writing goals do you have?”

OH….letter writing! I have forgotten about you! I have been lazy and distracted. But…you bring me joy when you are in the front of my mind and I do the work.

Sending birthday and anniversary cards is one of my favorite things to do. And to miss an entire month of it makes me sad! I have missed 18 birthdays and anniversaries which I have listed in my birthday/anniversary tracker. EIGHTEEN! How sad!

So, the answer the question is…my goal is to get back into my birthday/anniversary tracker and send festive cards weekly!

Letter’s bring joy! Sending the festive cards brings joy to someone else! It’s such a rare thing to get a birthday card in the mail anymore these days. I really do love sending them!

In October 2018 I shared my Perpetual Calendar that helps you track birthdays and anniversaries or whatever special dates you want to keep track of and send cards for. October 2018 was a long time ago, so I thought it was time to share it again. This is a free printable PDF! In fact, two! There is a plain one and colorful one! Take your pick and fill it up with all those birthdays, anniversaries, names days, holidays and more!

Send a card, deliver a smile! It’s #letterwritingwednesday!

May your hearts be kindled with joy as you spread it to others!

2 thoughts on “2020 Letter Writing Goals”

  1. I spent a ridiculous amount of time writing out my perpetual calendar, adding the dates to my planner/journaling calendar, and then syncing it with my phone. And even though it was hours of time, I reconnected with friends, and a god daughter, and it was pure joy! A text for her birthday resulted in reconnecting our bond as families. I am determined to do this well this year! It is good for our relationships! And it is good for our souls. Thank you for stating it so well!!!

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