Resurrection Reminders

Oh! How I love these reminders! A day late, these “reminders” were given to us yesterday, Sunday…Sunny Sunday!

Even in the midst of winter (technically it is still fall though), the dark days. In the midst of Advent and on our way to Christmas, we are reminded He has resurrected Adam’s race and granted eternal life to the whole world!

I am in the midst of re-reading “Time and Despondency”, discussing this amazing little book with some friends. And recently read, as Nicole was giving a synopsis of each chapter in the Introduction, “Finally, the conclusion points to Christ as the substance of the present moment. His Resurrection–made possible through His Incarnation–fills the empty vessels of time. The ultimate antidote to despondency is heeding the call to ‘re-present’ the Resurrection–the victory of life over death–on a continual basis: in our worship, in our lives, and in our world.”

This! This is what I need and This is why Kindler of Joy exists! We must represent the Resurrection continually!

The Church reminds us of this weekly!

Take heed!

Christ is Risen!

Have a blessed week and journey to the Nativity of Christ!

2 thoughts on “Resurrection Reminders”

  1. I love this!! I remember realizing once on a difficult day, that I was already living in the resurrection in one sense. Think of a bad day in the past, one you thought you’d never get through. And yet here you are, looking back. It’s one of those skills I try to foster in myself, the ability to remember DURING the hard time that it will pass. Every day is a resurrection. We keep on rising again from past suffering.


    1. Absolutely! It is a skill that needs practice, continually for me. I endeavor. It’s my goal, my dream. To remember how awesome our God is and all He does for me. For us.

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