The Cause of Joy

I have this fascination with the word “Joy”. Being that is the life blood of my prayers and goals for myself, whenever I see the word “joy” in a song or verse or, well, just about anywhere, I perk up and pay attention. I might learn something that will help me on my path, on my “Journey to Joy”.

Last night we sang a supplicatory prayer service called Paraklesis one last time, for the Theotokos, the Mother of God. Our choir director was on a mission trip a big chunk of the Dormition fast when it is usually sung each evening. So upon her return she decided we needed to sing it at least once.

The hymnography is beautiful! It is rich with history and supplications for intercession.

I came across one specific troparion that was sung in the 5th Ode which made me perk up and listen intently.

And I fell in love with it.

It is the deep prayer of my heart. To be filled with joy from Him Who is the cause of joy!

May He Who is the cause of joy, fill you with “a merriment, a happiness” this day!

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