Out My Landing Window

Over the last many years I have come to love the bright green trees set against a brilliant blue cloudless sky. It is one of my favorite scenes. It means hope. To me anyway.

As we’ve lived on this “farm” for nearly 13 years now, one of the things we’ve found most difficult are the long rainy days in the fall, winter and spring. There is work to do. Animals to feed and water. Trees to fell and chop. Blackberries to fight. A garden to tend. Rainy days make these chores long and hard and not much to look forward to.

The green set against the brilliant blue was my “rainbow” after days of rain. A sign of hope.

I love green and blue.

As I walk up the stairs to my bedroom we have a landing half-way up that has this window. The view from the bottom of the stairs is the tops of the trees with the sky behind. On a clear day…bright green against a brilliant blue. If I am up early and the sun is just above the horizon, and I’m paying attention, I see the golden rays hit the tops of the trees so beautifully.

The view from my landing window. From the bottom of the stairs.

If I am in a hurry. If I’m preoccupied. I miss this.

I must be in the present moment. I must be focused on the here and the now.

This morning when I walked up the stairs and was fully present, I paused to look out my window.

I relished in the moment of my “rainbow” of hope for this day.

Don’t forget to pause and learn to “see” God all around you. In the treetops. In the brilliant blue. In whatever is out your window right now.

Great art Thou, O Lord!

1 thought on “Out My Landing Window”

  1. I totally agree, Susie, but I look up from the opposite side..standing on the front walk looking up at the dark green against the beautiful blue sky! Awesome!


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