Letter Writing Wednesday

Have you written your letter today? Or this week? Do you know someone who has a birthday or anniversary that you could bless? Or how about someone who just needs to know someone is thinking about them? I bet on a daily basis each and every one of us knows someone from one of those categories.

There is nothing like opening your mailbox and finding a handwritten note inside after a long hard day.

Admit it! We all love when that happens!

And now I will admit that I have strayed quite a bit from my original aims of daily writing. Even weekly writing. I’ve lost sight of the goal, of the beauty it creates.

Until recently.

Two weeks ago my friend over at Prayerful Life blog (who also goes to my church) sent to my inbox an article titled The Power of ‘Just a Note’. The short article was incredibly powerful and convicting for me. It reawakened me to the beauty of this one small gesture that really takes mere minutes to accomplish, especially if only done on a weekly basis. And frankly in this media, screen filled world where so many lack human connection, real connection, regularly there is a real need for this beautiful, lost art of letter writing.

Read the article!

Then go send “just a note” to someone on your mind today! Let them know they are loved and being thought of!

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