Leavetaking of Pascha

In the Orthodox Church Pascha (Easter ) is a 40 day Feast. We fast for 40 days beforehand and we feast for 40 days afterwards.

Christ is Risen!

The most important aspect of the Christian race.

My babies…Pascha 16 years ago. Remembering these days is good and pleasant.

We celebrate. We sing. We are filled with joy!

Christ is Risen!

On Kindler of Joy the goal is to carry this feeling of celebrating the Resurrection of Christ with us throughout the entire year.

Today marks the end of the official 40-day Feast. But we won’t stop there.

Christ is Risen…every day!

On Saturday evening I got to sing, one last time, the Paschal Canon. The Paschal Stichera of Pascha and the Exapostilarion of Pascha. All are such favorites. All are full of hope and joy.

“In the flesh, Thou didst fall asleep. As a mortal man. O, King and Lord. Thou didst rise on the third day. Raising Adam from corruption and destroying death! Oh, Pascha of Incorruption, the Salvation of the world.”

Exapostilarion of Pascha

These songs I will carry with me all through the year. One thing I discovered last year was that listening to the songs of Pascha throughout the year is key in keeping that one thing needful on my mind. Keeping the Joy of the Resurrection in focus.

In the deepest of pain…Christ is Risen!

Let us never lose sight of that.

Pascha 2015…I can’t believe this was even 4 years ago. The boys TOWER…especially Joe.
Christ is Risen, my joys!

“And so let us cry”…..

“Christ is Risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing life.”

Troparion of Pascha

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