Resurrection Sunday

Sunday’s are blessed!

They are truly an incredible blessing simply because each and every Sunday throughout the entire year we remember the Resurrection of Christ. We are in the Paschal season right now but when it ends in a week and a half we will continue to remember His conquering death, His glorious Resurrection on the 3rd day, each and every Sunday.

Resurrection Sunday!

My goal is to stay focused on that one thing I NEED to stay focused on. That one thing which is the only thing that matters.

Christ rose from the dead. He conquered Death.

Life is hard. But Christ is Risen!

Fr. Stephen Freeman

Don’t ever forget! It is my aim not to.

We sang this hymn last night.

Which is why I write and create.

I am weak, but He is strong. I need the constant reminders to keep my focus. The Church in her centuries upon centuries knows this about us. We fall. We forget. We need her to help remind us and she does. Each week.

Christ is Risen!

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