Beauty of Thy House

Smack dab in the middle of our Lenten Journey to Pascha and two weeks into a brand new job has made life quite interesting.



And really quite amazing. God is so Good!

I started my new job the week after Lent started. It is so very exciting. I work part-time for an awesome organization called Children of the Nations. If you’ve never heard of this organization go check it out! It is a sponsorship program in 5 different countries where children need help. Their tag line is “Raising Children Who Transforms Nations”. You can sponsor a child in Uganda, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Haiti or Dominican Republic. I am the Sponsorship Coordinator for the Dominican Republic. I am in charge of tracking and organizing the communication between sponsors and their children.

You guessed it. I am working in a job that involves letter-writing! Sometimes I still can’t believe it!

In the last 2 weeks it has been pretty overwhelming. There is so much to learn. Plus…the transition back into the work force while finishing up this last year of homeschooling my boys.

But I know it is where God wants me to be. I applied and really prayed about it. Giving it to God to open doors only if it was where He wanted me to be.

And here I am. Go check out Children of the Nations and a beautiful reason to write letter!

This morning as I was reading scripture I came across one of my favorite hymns from Church.

This verse brings me true happiness. Joy! Joy for the truth of it all. I love the beauty of His house and the place where He dwells.

Walking into His house at the end of a difficult day, all the tension melts away. It feels right. It is comforting. I am always so grateful for having gone. During this Lenten journey to Pascha we have so much more opportunity to enter into His house. The evening services are my favorite.

It has been pretty hard to get on this computer lately with all the learning at work, schooling at home and services to attend. Oh and did I mention it is gardening time!?

I’m not here to complain, not at all. I’m so very grateful! Grateful for each and every day.

And the purpose of this blog was to get me to learn to kindle joy in the hearts of others. To record my reminders that I may draw on them as often as necessary in order to bring my mind back to Him who sustains me day in and day out.

It is working! Regardless of how often I get online.

Thank you Lord.

As you journey to the Risen Christ through the rest of Lent, never take your eyes off of Jesus and enter into His presence in the beauty of His house.

AND the beauty of the world…where He dwells everywhere.

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