On Monday I posted my celebratory post for one year of this blog!

I wanted to share some goodies in honor of my 1 year!

I love this spot to share my journey to joy. Getting followers is not the goal. I just want to share for His glory and honor. I want to share the joy of the Resurrection. And in one year I really don’t have that many followers, especially since I switched my host and lost some. But that is okay! Glory to God!

What that means though is that when I posted Monday and asked for folks to share with me their favorite ways to kindle joy and I would draw a name for someone to win a Kindler of Joy package, I wasn’t surprised at all when my one and only beautiful mommy was the only one to respond.


Congratulations, Mom! You have won the Kindler of Joy package from here on KindlerofJoy.com. I have a 2nd winner on my Instagram! They will share the contents of the package shown below.

I will have some leftover laminated Pivot Prayers that I would really love to share. So for ONE DAY, 24 hours, if you comment about your favorite way to Kindle Joy I will send you a laminated Pivot Prayer reminder! No strings attached!

Thank you, my joys! Have a blessed day!

Glory to God!

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