Christmas Prep Part 2: Favorite Places to get Christmas Cards

I mentioned in my last post how crazy life has been with ups and downs, challenges and surgery (mom not me) and hubby job stress. I have not been able to get back into the swing of consistent posting. So today I decided to get a post done that I started over a week ago to be posted on “Letter-Writing Wednesday”. It isn’t Wednesday, I know but we need to get our planning done for Christmas before it is too late.

So welcome to Letter-Writing Wednesday….on Saturday!

As I promised 2 weeks ago I want to continue on the topic of Christmas Prep for sending Christmas Cards! As a lover of letter-writing, the lost art of “snail mail” and card sending, I highly encourage this sadly dwindling tradition of Christmas Cards. There is absolutely so much joy in opening your mailbox to find it full of Christmas cards.

Can I get an affirmative “YES…I know what you mean?”

We proudly display them about our house in unique ways!  I used to run out of room! But, alas, not any longer. My mailbox is quite empty the days leading to Christmas over the last few years.

“No one sends me cards, so I gave up.”

“I don’t have time anymore. Christmas is stressful enough.”

“I can just wish everyone a Merry Christmas on Facebook.”

Excuses for not sending cards.

The excuses above can be refuted.

1. We don’t send just to receive.
2. Planning ahead relieves the stress. I do know that so many people really don’t like Christmas anymore because of the stress that it brings. This is a topic for another time, but it is sad and I think so much is undue stress. Self-inflicted. Planning ahead is one way to relieve stress. Christmas comes at the same time every year. It shouldn’t surprise us.
3. Christmas messages on social media are great but they aren’t personal. A card in the mail sends a message completely different. It is intimate. It is joyful. It is love.

How about this year we send cards for the sheer pleasure of sending cards? For the idea of Kindling Joy in the hearts of those we love! That is the purpose of this campaign. 

In Part 2 of Christmas Prep, I’d like to share my favorite places to get cards. We need to prep early in order to ease some of the stress away from this holiday. Christmas is suppose to be one of the “most wonderful times of the year” and lately for so many it really is not. I have wondered if it might have something to do with how much we “pre-celebrate” and how much we try to keep up with the Joneses.  We need not do either. By the time Christmas Day arrives we are completely burned out and do not enjoy the beauty and joy it is suppose to bring. And on December 26th we are done and we put it all away.

So let us plan ahead for our Christmas Card giving so we can mark it off as done as early as possible and breath a sigh of relief and really enjoy this wonderful season!

My Favorite Places to buy Christmas Cards:

  1.  Buy your Christmas cards for next year at the after Christmas sales! This is the most economical way and one of my favorites! You can actually get some really awesome Christmas Cards!  I love doing this.
  2. If you like to send picture cards check out Snapfish or Shutterfly. At this time of year they have great deals! Sign up and get emails of the deals and you’ll not only be ready early but you’ll save money. In fact big sales right now!
  3. Current Catalog! This is my favorite place to buy cards for ALL occasions. MOST of them are “Made in the U.S.A.” and I love that. They have all kinds of paper products. I remember my mom getting her wrapping paper from Current when I was growing up.  They are having a big holiday sale right now.
  4. Make your own. In the past I’ve used a photo editor and made my own Christmas cards. Then go print 4×6 prints at places like Costco or Walmart. Below is an example from 10 or more years ago.

There are 45 days until Christmas. I also count the 12 days after as celebratory so with that we have 57 days to get our orders in (if we order online) and our lists created, cards written, addressed and stamped in the mail. Fifty-seven days is nearly 2 months!

As you prepare for sending your Christmas Cards this year I’d love to share with you a new printable I’ve made. Do you remember those books you could buy to keep track of Christmas card giving AND receiving? You can still buy them. I’ve created my own. It’s simply a list where you can keep track of who you send Christmas Cards to. It doesn’t have a “received” column because I believe we shouldn’t give to receive. So if you’d like…here you go…

Print as many as you need and don’t forget to have extra room so you can add to it every year!

Won’t you join me in this beautiful, loving tradition of sending Christmas cards? Who’s on board?

Do you have a favorite place to buy cards? Or other Christmas Card traditions to share? I’d love to hear about them!

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