Get Ready for International Letter-Writing Week Challenge

Today I want to get you ready for International Letter-Writing Week. I was introduced to this yearly event via the blog Naomi Loves. She wrote a post awhile ago to get her readers thinking and planning for this international letter-writing week.

International Letter-writing Week encompasses the week that holds October 9th, World Post Day.

World Post Day was created by the Universal Postal Union in 1964 to celebrate the anniversary of the UPU. Universal Postal Union was established in 1874 on October 9th ,  and the UPU, with its headquarters in the Swiss capital Berne, is the second oldest international organization worldwide. With its 192-member countries, the UPU is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players.

Interestingly, the week was created before the day according to sources I have found online. [The UPU and UNOStamps.com].

Letter-writing is by far one of the best ways to spread joy one could participate in. As I’ve said before and will say again, who does not love to open their mailbox and find a friendly, handwritten note or card. They come so few and far between. And we’ve become such a disconnected society. We think we are more connected than ever, but are we?

“To write is human, to get mail: Divine!”
― Susan Lendroth (children’s author)

It truly is divine to receive a handwritten piece of love in the mail. It spreads joy across the miles.

This has become my number 1 way of kindling joy.

That’s why I’ve decided to join Naomi’s challenge for the week of October 9th. And it is why I am asking YOU to join me in this challenge. Just for one week!

As we approach the week of October 9th I’ll share with you some of the ideas Naomi lists for letter-writing. There are some great organizations out there where you can send letters to people who really could use one. But I’m sure many of us have family and friends who would love to hear from us as well.

In the meantime, collect your supplies and get ready for International Letter-Writing Week.  At minimum you’ll need stationary or notecards and stamps. Try some fun embellishments like stickers and ink stamps. Or how about a good old-fashioned wax-seal. See the one I got this spring!

Letterseals.com is a wonderful, family owned company in the Seattle area. I highly recommend their seals!  And it is so fun!

How about it? Are you in?

4 thoughts on “Get Ready for International Letter-Writing Week Challenge”

  1. This year‘s theme is so thought-provoking to “children” to all ages .

    I’d like to see Intl Letter writing week & World Post Day celebrated in the U.S.

    I have been writing letters & doing mail art since I was a little girl . ( before it was even had a name 😉
    There’s a reason mail art got nick named “Happy Mail”

    In this age of smart phones & computers True human communication has declined . The result is this loneliness epidemic .

    Miraculously pen , paper & books are having a renaissance . I hope it lasts !

    As for myself I will continue to write letters and read books and encourage my son & others to do the same !


    1. Thank you, Candie, for commenting on my post. I agree with all you say. In my current push for letter writing and research I’ve discovered there are many opportunities around to push for letter writing. Like a couple weeks ago we had “Thinking of you Week”. So fun! The month of February, I discovered, is InCoWriMo….International Correspondence Writing Month…”vintage social media”. 🙂
      I hope to write about it as often as I can.


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