Crazy-Busy, Beautiful-Awesome Summer

I need to explain myself. Since the end of July I’ve posted nothing but my Maxim Mondays and I’m sure some of you are wondering what is going on. Maybe even getting bored.

You know how summers can be….crazy-busy!

The last 2 weeks has been spent in Southern California. I drove a team of kids (mostly mine) down to San Diego where they joined a group to serve for an organization called Project Mexico. I thought I could keep up while traveling, visiting and resting in So. Cal. but I just wasn’t able to put the focus into it that I wanted to.

Prior to that we had prep work catch up from camping and some visiting guests both prior and in the last 3 days. It’s been full! It’s been lovely!

Life is crazy-busy.

But Oh! so beautiful and awesome…if we stop and smell the flowers.


And now we can settle back down into routine. With only 2 weeks left until school starts we need to prepare, get organized and make one last camping trip with the cousins!

By the grace of God, routine will come and I’ll get to put more time and energy into this little hobby of mine and kindle joy with you!



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