Maxim Week 20

Maintain cleanliness and order in your home. God doesn’t live in clutter or in filth and dirt. Yes, we don’t have to be fanatics about having everything prissy clean, but we have to have a Sophianic order, at least in some parts of our house where we live and eat and where we pray especially.

This week’s Maxim is one that I really desire with all of my heart to finally accomplish. I NEED this in my life, if for no other reason than for sanity sake.

I feel like I have been fighting for this particular maxim for 21 years. To maintain cleanliness and order while raising raising 4 homeschooled children is like shoveling your sidewalk in the midst of a blizzard.

There are some small orderly things that I’ve developed, like “4 o’clock chore time”. But the big scope of orderliness and cleanliness has been a perpetual mountain climb of trying to figure things out.

I do see a light at the end of the tunnel though, as the teenagers start flying the coop and my house begins to empty I feel that I just might make some progress. The blizzard is starting to wane.

I am on vacation this week and next and during this time I do hope to spend some time reflecting on how I might be able to bring just a little bit more order into my life creating just a little more peace and harmony in my home when I return.

If you’d like to print this maxim for your fridge you can find get this pdf! You can find all of the Maxims that I have done so far on the printables page.

What are some of your tricks of the trade in bringing order into your home?

2 thoughts on “Maxim Week 20”

  1. I find that doing little tasks to create order & cleanliness on a daily basis is helpful. Wiping down something often for instance rather than letting it get real dirty takes less elbow grease & time. Putting something away right away takes very little time. I have a little vacuum that I spot clean certain areas, makes a big difference. Of course we all have to many ‘things’
    De cluttering makes it easier to feel organized & easier to keep order.
    Just a few thoughts.


    1. Thank you, auntie for sharing this great wisdom. I like the idea about the little vacuum! And I am actually in the middle of a big declutter project!


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