Pen Pals

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on how I could increase my letter-writing audience. I tried to reach out to find missionaries to send birthday cards to but that has not been successful. I’ve mentioned often the beauty and joy found in writing letters and sending them snail mail style. It really is very rewarding and I know the recipient is happy to receive something other than the bills in the mailbox.

Recently I came across an article titled Letters, Love And Prayers: Intergenerational Pen Pals and it is very inspiring. It has given me some ideas and I’m going to get busy and work at increasing my mailing list.

My endeavor to write a letter every day has been very hard to keep up with. When it comes to holidays where I send numerous cards out at once I’ve been able to catch up. But as of late I’m quite behind on my “daily” sending. I’ll need to work very hard to catch up in order to send 365 letters/cards this year.

Today I have written a letter and 2 birthday cards! It is fun!

Have you mailed your letters today?

Go spread some joy today!



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